Scholarship Opportunities

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External Scholarships

The external scholarships offered by the school have the singular purpose of attracting exceptional talent from around the world into our community; these scholarships cover Academic, Artistic and Sporting achievement. 

The criteria for the award of a scholarship may vary depending on the exceptional talent of an applicant, and may cover partial or full tuition as well as boarding fees. 

To apply for a scholarship, select the relevant drop-down box on your general application for admissions.

External scholarships are not available to students already enrolled in the school.


Internal Scholarships

These are awards given for exceptional academic or sporting achievement to a student while a member of the school community.

Internal Academic Scholarships

The academic scholarships are awarded to students embarking upon an IB Diploma programme at the school and are based solely upon outstanding success at IGCSE examinations. There are two types of award: Orange Riband (50% of tuition fee for the two years of the Diploma programme); Blue Riband (50% of tuition fee for one year).

Internal Sports Scholarships

All BISP enrolled secondary students are eligible for these awards, which will be awarded for exceptional ability coupled with a good attitude and work ethic. Between one and five students may receive an award each year. The value of a sports scholarship varies between 20% – 50% of a full tuition fee; the award is for one year only, but may be awarded more than once to an athlete. 

All scholarship students are expected to act as ambassadors for the school, and this carries social, academic and ethical responsibilities. Scholarships may be withdrawn if the standards expected of the scholarship holder are not upheld.