Youth Champs 2012-2013 1

Dear Athletes,

We are excited to start our new Junior Development and High Performance Triathlon programme in August and we would like to know if you’re interested in joining.

If so, please email Coach Sergio Borges with the information below :


Name :

Age :

Gender : (M/F)

Boarding : (Y/N)

Sport Background (if any) and how many years :

Number of years practicing triathlon, swimming, biking and/or running :

Best 100m freestyle time (if applicable) :

Best 400m freestyle time (if applicable) :

Best 3,000m running time (if applicable) :

Best 5,000m running time (if applicable) :


Thank you very much and we look forward to meeting you in August!

Head Triathlon Coach – Sergio Borges

[email protected]