IMG 9160 IMG 9174Lance King ( worked on developing “Exam Confidence” with  Year 10 students today. He will be working with further groups of students during the week.

To help parents learn how to be involved effectively in their own children’s learning and development, there will be two free parent workshops.


Tuesday 7th March 3.15pm – 4.45pm “Courage, Resilience & Failing Well”

Thursday 9th March 3.15pm – 4.45pm “Bringing Up Digital Natives”

Mainly For Primary School Parents – Bringing Up Digital Natives:

These children are a unique group in the history of the world – the first generation growing up immersed in the internet from birth. Digital natives have their own challenges which parents often don’t understand or know how to deal with. How important are reading and writing in the digital age – and what are the best ways to develop them both? What are the best ways for your children to develop critical and creative thinking and become good problem solvers? What are the different challenges for bringing up boys and girls – should they be treated the same? This seminar will show parents how to bring up children who can cope. Children who are courageous, resilient, and actively engaged with both the real world and the digital world.

 Mainly For Secondary School Parents – Courage, Resilience and Failing Well:

This seminar is full of practical tips for parents to help them support their children’s learning at home. How to help them get organised, deal with pressure and stress, focus on what is important, develop more resilience and achieve greater success at school. The presentation will show parents the importance of 21st Century skills for their children’s future and will show them how to help their children take responsibility for their own successes and failures, learn from each one and become resilient, self-regulated learners.