The curtain has finally come down on the Language Perfect World Championships 2018, the global online language-learning competition which has captured the imagination of millions of young language learners in schools all over the world. This is the third global language competition in which BISP has been involved this academic year and the second whole-school competition.

Language competition 1The scores have been fantastic and last year’s results have been either equalled or surpassed in all categories. Lots of certificates have been won as well as hundreds of thousands of new words learnt.

In the main competition, a total of 83 certificates were won by BISP students (compared to 20 last year). There were 43 Credit Certificate winners (compared to 8 last year), 29 Bronze Certificate winners (compared to 9 last year), 4 Silver Certificate winners (compared to 2 last year), 5 Gold Certificate winners (compared to 0 last year), 1 Emerald Certificate winner (compared to 0 last year) and 1 Elite Award (same as last year).

During the 10-day competition, BISP Primary and Secondary students answered a mammoth 315,964 questions, scoring a whopping 132,122 points which contributed to some fantastic placings in the final tables.

Language competition 3BISP placed 1st overall in Thailand, 1st for Spanish in Thailand, 1st for French in Thailand and 1st for Mandarin in Thailand.

Language competition 2In our own “in-house” Primary School competition, Students from Year 3 to 6 won a total of nearly one hundred certificates, which is a fantastic feat. The competition was thoroughly enjoyed by all of our students who took part (more than 50% of the school) and engaged them in the valuable lifelong skill of language learning in a lively and enthralling way.

BISP ranked in the top 10% of schools in the world – an enormous achievement. We are already looking forward to the next Language Perfect competition in November 2018.