In life we make many transitions. Some are easier than others. How we cope with these transitions may differ from individual to individual.

One way to make transitioning easier is to understand what you may experience when transitional change takes place. This will help you cope, and may help you to support others to cope better.

As the parent of a Year 13 student, you are invited to a workshop/discussion forum on transition. It is intended that this will better prepare you and your son/daughter with the important and soon to be experienced transition to university/college.

Please contact the Whole School Counsellor Marie McIntyre ([email protected]), if you would like to attend, highlighting any areas that you would particularly like the workshop to focus on.

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Leaving the Nest: How parents can cope, support, and prepare themselves and their child when the child leaves home

For more information, contact Whole School Counsellor Marie McIntyre: [email protected]


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