Dear Parents,

It has been a very smooth, though busy start to the academic year, and it has been a great pleasure to see how well the students seem to be enjoying the first two weeks of school.  Many of you will already be familiar with some of the new teachers, but further details may be found on the school website.

I would also like to draw your attention to each of the following:



Please be aware that the school will accept short-term boarders on a pro-rata basis to assist families when parents have to leave Phuket for short periods.  Many students have also made use of this facility to provide themselves with greater study opportunity in the lead up to important examinations.

Not every request can be accommodated, but please arrange an appointment with the Head of Boarding, Mrs. Clare Donovan, if you wish to take advantage of this, or if you wish for further information.

[email protected]



There will be a presentation on the vision for the school on Friday 11 September, at 8.15am in the school auditorium.  This will be an opportunity for new parents in particular, but all parents are most welcome to attend.  The school never stands still, and I would be very happy to respond to any questions that you might have.



The school has benefitted greatly from the support of parents and the close interaction between members of our community.  I would encourage all parents to take a keen interest in the work of the PTA and the events that are held from time to time.  For any parent who would like to contribute a little more time to the PTA I am sure that the Chair, Stuart Cumming, would greatly welcome your interest.

[email protected]



On Wednesday 23 September, the school will be welcoming Mr. Dylan William to present a staff workshop on student assessment.  This workshop will last for the whole day, and therefore it is a holiday for all students.  It is already indicated as a student holiday on the school calendar.


As ever, I am very willing to meet with parents, either individually or in groups, to discuss any aspect of the school.  To ensure my availability an appointment can be made by K. Kamolphan, my personal assistant who can be found on the first floor of the main school building, or by email:

[email protected]


Finally, I would like to wish all our families every success for the academic year ahead.

Neil Richards
[email protected]