Rebecca in londonBISP’s very own Rebecca Preen in Year 12 attended the ESU International Public Speaking Competition in London two weeks ago, which brought in young national winners from 42 countries for a week of cultural exchange and public speaking contests.

Ms Rebecca won the Thailand Public Speaking Competition this year and went on to represent Thailand internationally.

“We explored the city during the first few days, all the while attending action-packed activities such as speaking workshops with actors from Shakespeare’s Globe, bowling and watching ‘Wicked The Musical’,” says Ms. Rebecca. “Bonds between country representatives grew strong to the point that on the last day we were sobbing, devastated that we will be separated and will have to fly back to our own countries.”

Ms Rebecca says that she was very fortunate to be able to listen to an array of confident, eloquent and engaging speakers who were passionate about their topics. She also adds that events such as these are imperative, and immerse young people in a kaleidoscope of cultures in order to exchange and widen their views to become understanding global citizens.Grand Final Of The International Public Speaking Competition 2017

“Public speaking has opened doors to many opportunities for me and I can not stress enough how essential it is in advancing communication skills, critical thinking and overall confidence. It was an honour to represent Thailand, and I thank the ESU Thailand, BISP and more specifically, Miss Burley for all the help and support. London has undoubtedly changed my life,” she says.