The U9A team won 2 games and drew one. The scores were 1-0, 4-0 and 1-1 respectively.

The U9 A team played very well and kept their shape and positions very well. The goal keeper Keamen made good quick decisions and distributed the ball excellently to Tamino and Mathis who were solid all day long.

Overall the passing was good and Oli passed more and more as the games progressed getting the ball out to the left and right sides.

Tim saw a lot of the ball on the left side and is excellent at taking defenders on and going past them. Manta and Seb did well on the right side and made good passing decisions and not conceding possession.

Matthew was striker and scored 3 goals but could have had many more.



Played really well as a team. They won 4-0 and 5-0 against the Headstart B team and lost 5-1 to their A team. Their attitude was excellent.

Tom was strong in the tackle and made some good runs upfield. Bow and Channon kept their position well on the left and right sides of defence. Attempted to join play when the ball came near them. Some good runs with the ball.

Nathan played really well and best player on the field. Ran well with the ball, creating many chances and scored a few goals.

Ken played in midfield with Nathan and had a very good game. Dribbled well with the ball and looked to pass when he could. He also scored some good goals.

Anzac played as striker and scored several goals. He was quite a powerful runner.



Against HeadStart A they lost 1-0 and drew 1-1. We won 7-0 against their B team.

Joe had good positional sense and distributed the ball well. His runs supported our attacking play and he made the transition to defence when we lost possession.

William had good positional sense and tried to play the ball out from the back.

Luke had some neat link up play, while Rainer gave us a good option on the left and did some tracking back when we lost possession.

Lloyd had some nice finishes, strong when using his pace and running on to through balls, while James had some really nice touches, dribbles and turns.


U11 B

The U11 B team did quite well too. They drew 2 games and lost one. The scores were 0-0 0-4 0-0.

The goalkeeper Adi made good decisions and distributed well to Matthew Diamond who was very comfortable taking the ball out of defence. Oli Burns at left back needs to understand the game more and what positions to be in certain situations.

Ryan Carrick did very well and seems to be getting more confident. Josh worked extremely hard in midfield and was the main driving force going forward.

Overall, a really good morning of competitive football and an excellent attitude from all the players.


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