photo of mono thailand basketball players holding a training session with bisp athletesLast week, professional basketball team ‘Mono Thailand’ visited British International School, Phuket and held two basketball clinics in the Sports Hall. The first session involving seven basketball players (all years) was enjoyed by everyone. The second session was for the BISP advanced training group.

Cha Cha, an aspiring Year 11 basketball player at BISP & recently named Phuket representative of Mono Thailand, also attended the session and enjoyed playing with the basketball stars.

“I’ve played in tournaments in Thailand and my coach was impressed with my skills. I was chosen to train and eventually play with the Phuket representative team. It’s such a great opportunity for me to be involved and even though I feel some pressure, my coaches, teammates, parents and friends support me a lot and made it easier for me,” said Cha Cha.

Photo of bisp student with mono thailand basketball player 2018Jamie Blake, PE Teacher at the school, appreciated the team’s visit.

“It was great to see a professional team from Bangkok visiting Phuket schools, our students benefitted a lot from the experience. The beginner session featuring our Year 7 basketball players was fun and inspired them to keep up their training. The advanced session, which included some of our more experienced Under 15 players, challenged the young players and targeted defense, ball handling and pressure drills,” explained Mr. Blake.

Cha Cha also mentioned that it takes personal & professional development to a whole new level, and plans to play through college.

“I’m glad that for the past few years I have trained very hard and spent most of my free time practising and learning new skills to improve. I’m looking forward to reach the highest levels of the game, and will continue to do so if I want to join professional teams in the future,” added Cha Cha.