The uniform shop is now accepting orders for the new football and basketball kits – please order before Thursday 25th September 2014. No orders will be taken after this date.


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Dear BISP students and parents

The school shop will be taking orders for the new BISP football kit and basketball kit which were both introduced last November before our international football tournament.

Our new BISP team kits are a full sublimation design and combines the highest quality materials with the most technologically advanced heat controlling mechanism to ensure a dry and comfortable fit for our athletes.

Any student participating in a school team will be required to play in either the new BISP basketball kit which consists of shirt and shorts and/or the new football kit consisting of shirt, shorts and socks.

Please remember our team kits are of the highest quality and will sustain the punishment of sport. The cost per basketball kit is 1590bht and per football kit is 1630bht.

All kits can now be ordered out of our school uniform shop.  There are sample sizes at the shop and pictures of the new kit are attached to this letter.

We will now not be changing design in order maintain continuity in our team kits. Please fill out the order form on the page following, when making your order.

Our uniforms will be ordered in three different colours depending on age grouping to distinguish our Primary athletes to Secondary with Senior teams wearing white:

  1. Primary kits will be in Blue (Years 1 to 6)
  2. U13 and U15 kits will be in Orange (Years 7 to 10)
  3. Senior kits will be in White (All O15 Teams mainly Year 11 to 13- Please confirm with Senior coaches)

You will be asked for a number when ordering your kit. To avoid having double numbers in games there will be only one number available for each colour kit. Once a number has been taken this number will not be available to order.

The final day to place your order with the uniform shop is on Thursday 25th September.  Please do not miss out.

Thank you for your continued support of our BISP Sports Programme.

Kind regards

Jeff LaMantia
Athletics Director

[email protected]