The children in Year 6 researched and presented a proposal to ‘UNESCO representatives’ (parents and teachers) to make Old Phuket Town a World Heritage site. Over a two-week period Year 6 were divided into 10 groups, of boys and girls from both classes, to research a different criteria needed to achieve World Heritage status. The criteria were: Culture, Human History, Natural Beauty, Food, Architectural History, Old Phuket Town – living history, Why is Phuket Unique? Festivals, Arts and Drama, and Why do people come to Phuket Town now!

Over 25 ‘representatives’ attended the event on Thursday 28th February, not only observing the wonderful displays made by the children, but also asking questions about the proposal. Many of the ‘representatives’ learnt new things about Phuket. For example, where is the best place to try locally cooked food – at the Blue Elephant Restaurant. The old name for Phuket – Bukit, which means ‘hill’ in Malay.

Thank you to all those parents who were able to come into school. As Mr Morey, Yr 6 Year Leader, said ‘The children were excellent ambassadors for Phuket and all presented their fi ndings in a dynamic way’.

Well done to all of the children in Year 6.

Andy Malster – Y6 Trainee Teacher