All parents are invited to join a group of parents who meet and share knowledge and learning new things from each other about parenting.

The meetings are organized by BISP’s counsellor, Marie McIntyre who also share research and tools that can be helpful to succeed well in your parenting role.

All parents in the BISP community are very welcome to attend.

The following dates have been planned:Wednesday 22nd of March at 8.15 am
Monday 1st of May at 8.15 am
Monday 22nd of May at 8.15 am
Monday 12th of June at 8.15 am
Venue: At Kata HouseThere will be coffee and tea on offer.

If you have topics of interest, please, email [email protected] in advance, so that our counsellor can prepare relevant information.

Topics that might be of interest include:
  • Adolescence
  • Behaviour
  • Development
  • Friendship
  • Internet usage
  • Communication

If you wish to attend please inform Marie McIntyre, [email protected]