Parenting Wordle

As a follow-up to last year’s parenting courses run by BISP’s counsellor, Marie McIntyre, she would now like to offer parent-sharing coffee meetings on parenting.

The meetings are intended to provide a safe, fun, and educational meeting point where parenting topics can be discussed, shared, and new things can be learned.

All parents in the BISP community are very welcome to attend.

The following dates have been planned:

Wednesday 25th of January at 8.15 am

Wednesday 15th of February at 8.15 am

Wednesday 22nd of March at 8.15 am

Venue: At Kata House                        There will be coffee and tea on offer.
Topics that might be of interest include:
  • Adolescence
  • Behaviour
  • Development
  • Friendship
  • Internet usage
  • Communication

For the first meeting please bring an item that reminds you of a wonderful memory from your own childhood; it could be, for example, a book, photo, or a toy .If you wish to attend please inform Marie McIntyre, [email protected]