Places are filling up fast for BISP Summer School, so why not sign up now, and join one of our exciting programmes!

  • Special discounts offered to BISP students
  • Open to ages 6-15


  • Adventure Sports & Activities (including trips to Khao Sok, Krabi & Khao Lak) – from 20,825THB for 1 week’s Camp programme.
  • English Skills & Activities (Cambridge Young Learners Programme) – from 6,800THB for 6x Half Days / 14,025THB for 6x Full Days / 18,275THB for 1 week’s Camp programme.
  • Football Skills & Activities (Cruzeiro Teaching) – from 7,225THB for 6x Half Days / 14,875THB for 6x Full Days / 19,125THB for 1 week’s Camp programme.
  • Tennis Skills & Activities (RPT Teaching) – from 8,075THB for 6x Half Days / 16,575THB for 6x Full Days / 20,825THB for 1 week’s Camp programme.
  • Cirque Ed Skills & Activities – from 8,925THB for 6x Half Days / 18,275THB for 6x Full Days / 23,375THB for 1 week’s Camp programme.


Students can sign up week by week throughout July:

  • Camp programmes start on Sundays
  • Half Day / Full Day programmes start on Mondays


With many BISP qualified Teachers and Coaches, and a strong support team, we aim to offer BISP students the chance to develop their independence, confidence, teamwork and leadership skills whilst making new friends and having fun!


For more information please see:



[email protected]


We look forward to welcoming you this Summer!