At British International School, Phuket, we know the importance of having a stimulating, changing environment in order to keep our dendrites bushy so our neurons are able to work to the best of their ability.

With this in mind, we launched our new playground equipment today in order to make playtimes in primary as stimulating and creative as possible. We know that this will have a positive impact not only during playtimes but also on the the day’s classroom learning.

The first instalment saw the kids using their turn-taking, problem-solving and agility skills to take on the new spider-web climbing frame.

It was extremely popular but the rules agreed in this morning’s assembly ensured the kids were safe, sensible and most-of-all team players. They waited patiently and took care to help each other to climb.

Then thanks to the BISP PTA we also updated the range of play equipment by filling crates with musical instruments, art stuff, dress-up and sand-toys. It was a pleasure to watch kids collaborate, take turns and be creative with the new resources.

Please can we remind parents that children should not be playing with or on the playground equipment after school unless they are directly supervised by their parent.

We ask that if you do allow your child to play with the equipment you ensure that they tidy it up and don’t leave toys all over the playground. Thank you for your support in this.

A fantastic first day back!

For more information, contact Helen Muñoz: [email protected]