On Wednesday 5 November, BISP students from Years 10 and 12 took part in the Model United Nations Day, as part of Student Development Week that is taking place all week (3-7 of November).

The activity took place for the entire day, with the goal of letting students make decisions relating to current world issues while roleplaying as delegates from a country that is not their country of origin, making the students think from a perspective that they are not used to, as well as increasing their knowledge of foreign politics and issues.

During the day, the delegates were given a resolution which was recently passed in the United Nations General Assembly. That is, “calling for all members that retain the death penalty to abolish its use and in the meantime to restrict the number of offences being punished by death”.

They were told to research their country, take part in a debate and vote for or against the resolution in the role of the country they are representing.

It proved to be a rich learning curve that allowed the students to learn new skills and improve their learning as part of Student Development Week.

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