On Wednesday 11th May, the Primary Library hosted their final Pajama Party of this academic year. Around 35 students from Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 and their parents came along in their pajamas and with their teddies, pillows and blankets.

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Organiser Ms Cindy Colson says, “As usual the evening was a lot of fun, for the students and their parents, but also for me! The students enjoyed some arts and crafts to start off, and there was plenty of food and drinks.

“Even though I had a large selection of snacks and drinks, the parents brought so much! I am incredibly grateful that they are so supportive of this event, and make great efforts to come dressed in their pajamas too!

“The students had some pillow fights and did a lot of jumping around on the mattresses, and finally we all sat down for some story time, with stories ranging from ‘The Book With No Pictures’ to ‘Creepy Carrots’ and ‘The New Small Person’.

“I am already looking forward to next year, when I plan to have one Pajama Party each term, hopefully giving everyone a chance to attend.”

For more information, contact Cindy Colson: [email protected]