KS1 Sports Dayks1-sportsday-feb2013-4

ks1-sportsday-feb2013-1On Monday 4thFebruary the Year 1 and 2 students, supported by their teachers and many parents, ventured out to the top sports field for their 2013 KS1 Sports Day.

The morning was action packed, with all students participating in 6 events. Students did their best to jump further, throw further and run faster across the events, with many improving their individual performances. Most importantly students remembered to have fun and enjoyed pushing themselves to achieve their best.

Overall Colour Team Points from the morning’s events were:

Blue       160pts   1st

Yellow   155pts   2nd

Red        128pts   equal 3rd

Green   128pts   equal 3rd


KS2 Sports Day

On the morning of Tuesday 5th February students were presented with perfect conditions for the 2013 KS2 Sports Day. After a general warm up led by Khun Sak, all students competed in a middle distance event to kick off the competition. Year 3-4 students completed 600m, while the Year 5-6 students completed 800m.  All students in years 3-6 then participated in one throwing event, one jumping event and one sprint event. As well as the individual events students enjoyed the exciting and at times nerve-racking team event, Wing Priaw. This event attracted large crowds at times and provided good entertainment for spectators.

Overall Colour Team Points from the morning’s events were:

Blue       506pts   1st

Red        485pts   2nd

Yellow   381pts   3rd

Green   369pts   4th

 KS2 Sports Day 2013 Boy and Girl Champions

Year 3 Boys

Year 3 Girls


Rainer Oeijord

Catherine Thompson


Jonah Duchowny

Katie Marfuad / Katya Mallia


Charlie Fuller

Alessandra Harris

Year 4 Boys

Year 4 Girls


Joseph Hunter

Olivia Douglas


Hayden Chakrabandhu

Leah Oserod


William Potter

Natasha Morgan / Mya Laura Smith

Year 5 Boys

Year 5 Girls


Noah Saponara

Mia O’Leary


Jonty McLean-High

Chaliesa Potter


Micah Duchowny

Isabella Hosking / Hannah Diamond

Year 6 Boys

Year 6 Girls


Finn de Bruin

Jennifer Sydney


Taat Tiewlamsam

Christina Jansson


Michael Larsson / Sang Hyun Lee

Samantha Thacker/ Selin Cansever

New Records

Year 4 Boys

600m             Joseph Hunter                     2:09

Long Jump    Hayden Chakrabandhu      3.07m

Push Throw  Adam Jacklin                        9.61m

Javelin            William Potter                     18.33m

Year 5 Girls

Push Throw  Mia O’Leary                          11.60m

Javelin            Hannah Diamond                11.65m