bisp primary school students perform a thai dance during wai kru 2018bisp primary school students enjoy the wai kru 2018 ceremonyBISP primary principal Ken Page addresses children during wai kru ceremony 2018

On Friday 14th September, BISP Primary School students held a Wai Kru assembly to honour their teachers. The assembly was a fun mixture of Thai culture (including traditional dance and stylised Muay Thai moves) and quizzes revealing a little of the teachers’ personal lives. Students joined together to give the Student Pledge, affirming their intention to be diligent students, and thanked their teachers both in song and through the presentation of delightful floral tributes.

bisp's primary school students bring flowers to wai kru 2018The whole event was opened by a speech from Headmaster Mr Richards, who reminisced about an influential teacher from his childhood and emphasised what a responsibility teachers have for their charges. Mr Page, the Primary School Principal, closed the assembly by thanking the children on behalf of all the teachers, highlighting the importance of working hard and doing our best, and pointing out how such an occasion as this embodies the key primary attributes of respect and kindness.

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A big thank you to everyone for making Wai Kru such a wonderful ceremony this year.