This past weekend February 7th and 8th the under 14 BISP– Cruziero academy football team competed in an international tournament at Thanyapura Stadium pitch.

There were 7 teams in the under 14 age group. The young BISP-Cruziero team finished fourth place in a difficult tournament.

The first match saw BISP-Cruziero pitted against local team CCYP. CCYP team took an early 2-0 lead when the BISP-Cruziero team got off to a slow start.

Quickly BISP– Cruziero took back the lead with goals from Chanon Lokenberg, Basile Theaud, Kota Masuda and Phuripat Wattano. The game was capped off nicely with a curling free kick to the upper right corner by Wuttikrai Mathong. BISP-Cruziero won 5-2.

In second match of the tournament BISP-Cruziero faced off against Samui Arena. This match was comfortably won by BISP-Cruziero 3-0. Phuripat scored all three goals with his marauding runs from right back.

BISP-Cruziero’s third match ended in controversy. The final score of the match was 5-2 to Samui United with Kota Masuda and Mich Duchowny scoring in the losing effort.

However after close inspection of their Identification Cards, Samui United were disqualified for players who were over the allotted age. This affected the BISP-Cruziero team in a negative fashion because in the sweltering heat one extra game made a difference.

Every other team played three matches the first day but BISP-Cruziero played four and in the last match fitness became a factor.

In the final match against a high pressuring and well organized Real Madrid Foundation team from Indonesia. BISP-Cruziero lost 5-0, injuries and fatigue played a major part in this loss.

On the second day of the tournament BISP-Cruziero met an elite FC Bangkok team that boosted two of the top players in the tournament. BISP-Cruziero changed their tactics for this match and man-marked those two players with two of their own strong players.

Finn De Bruin stepped out of the goal and shut down their midfield maestro, while Wuttikrai Mathong did an equally impressive job on their towering striker.

Wuttikrai also slotted another curling free kick in this match but victory was not in the cards. BISP-Cruziero lost 3-1 in this match.

The second match of the day was against Jakarta Dragons. BISP-Cruziero were out-muscled 2-0 by a physically larger team.

In the final match of the tournament playing for third place the same two teams were pitted against each other. Jakarta Dragon emerged victorious again by the same score. BISP-Cruziero lost because of missed chances and botched marking.

The tournament can be chalked up as a fantastic learning experience for a young team consisting of mostly 12 years olds.

Next year, after a year of growth, this young team will be a definite contender for the 1stplace in the tournament.

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