BIS Annual Football Tournament
When: Friday and Saturday 4-5 November 2011.
Where: BIS Phuket sports grounds.
How the PTA helped: Ran a food, drink and souvenirs stall.
Result: raised 17,450 Baht (before costs).

Christmas Fair
When: Friday 9 December 2011.
Where: BIS Phuket quadrangle, Secondary Foyer and Primary Hall.
How the PTA helped: The event was organised by the PTA. The fair ran a “Skills” auction selling or hiring the skills of teachers and parents, and for entertainment had live music, a magician’s show, and brought in Santa Claus for the Primary School children. The PTA also staffed its usual food and drink stall. The event was supported by many parents who ran game stalls and stalls selling food, jewellery and souvenirs.
Result: raised 181,901 Baht.

Christmas Concert
When: Monday 12 December 2011.
Where: School Auditorium.
How the PTA helped: Ran a refreshment stall selling mince pies, drinks, snacks and goodies.
Result: raised 17,255 Baht.

Purchase of Electronic Basketball Score Board
For: Sports Faculty.
Benefits: Improved scoring and compiling results for players and spectators.
Cost: the PTA donated 34,000 Baht.

Purchase of PA system
For: Arts Faculty.
Benefits: Improved sound quality for performances, both musical and dramatic.
Cost: the PTA donated 60,000 Baht.

Purchase of digital SLR cameras and accessories
For: Press Gang, the school activity that produces the annual school magazine and other publications, giving students experience with writing, editing, photography, design, cost tendering and publishing.
Benefits: Dramatically improved ability to record the school’s activities for publication (both paper and online) and promotion.
Cost: 75,640 Baht