25 June 2013

Dear Parents, Guardians, Teachers and Students,

re: The PTA Executive Committee 2013-2014

Firstly I would like to say “Thank you” to the current PTA Executive Committee members for all for their hard work during the past academic year:

    • Khun Thawi Thongtan
    • Mrs. Jacqueline Phillips
    • Mrs. Linda Cumming
    • Mr. Simon Brown
    • Mrs. Lena Willoch
    • Mr. Stuart Cumming
    • Mrs. Val Ignatius-Mallia
    • Mrs. Kath Cumming
    • Mrs. Eunju (Margot) Cho
    • Mrs. Lynne Daniel
    • Mr. Aleksei Sokolov
    • Mrs. Donna Stephens (Primary Coordinator)
    • Mr. Chris Greene (Secondary Coordinator)
    • Mr. Andy Street (Honorary Member)

As the date for the Nominations has passed and we still have some positions to fill, the current PTA Executive Committee Members (under the re-election rule) can now resume their previous position should they wish to.

I propose that the current PTA Executive Committee continues to serve as is until the end of September 2013.  This will allow for some transition and to welcome parents to the school’s “Welcome Party”.

The PTA Executive Committee 2013-2014 will be as follows:

    • President                                                         Mr. Stuart Cumming
    • Vice President                                                Khun Pook Kuljanyavivat
    • Social & Fundraising Coordinator: 1       Mrs. Kath Cumming
    • Social & Fundraising Coordinator: 2       open
    • Secretary                                                          open
    • Treasurer                                                         Mrs. Linda Cumming
    • Publications & Communications Coordinator   open
    • Primary Coordinator                                    Mrs. Donna Stephens
    • Secondary Coordinator                                open
    • Mr. Andy Street (Honorary Member)
    • Mrs. Jacqueline Phillips (Honorary Member)

Mrs. Lynne Daniel who is the Events Manager for the school will liaise with the PTA Executive Committee with regards to PTA events.

We would urge you to seriously consider filling one of the ‘open’ roles in order for the PTA Executive Committee to continue to accomplish in the same strong manner during the next year.

The PTA is in a good financial position in that we have raised a lot of funds this year (approx. Baht 300k) and there are quite a lot of funds left available to spend on assets benefitting the students.

The PTA has made some significant purchases during the year for the Performing Arts, Drama & Sports Departments and also for the Primary & Secondary Libraries.

A healthy float will be maintained for the PTA Executive Committee next year to give them the ability to fund upcoming events.

It is very important that ‘we’ the BIS Parents, Guardians and Teachers keep the PTA vibrant and functioning, so please do consider taking one of the ‘open’ roles next year or alternatively a sub-committee role to support the PTA.

With kind regards,

Mark Mallia
Out-going President
PTA Executive Committee 2012-2013