On 13 June, the 2015 BISP Sports Awards were held at Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort.

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For those of you who were unable to be there , here is the transcript from the night:

The nominations for the Under 13 Girls’ Sportswoman award are:

Charlie Potter

Hannah Diamond

Isabella Hoskings

Whilst a very difficult decision there can only be one winner. This young lady has made an enormous impact this year. In such a competitive field this athlete stands out. She is skilled in so many areas and has demonstrated a competitiveness and desire to succeed which has impressed everyone involved in her development. For performances in basketball, athletics and football – winning the all star basketball award in the Junior Phuket Basketball league


Charlie Potter

And for the Under 13 Boys’ Sportsman award –

The nominees are

Jonty Mclean High

Finn de Bruin

Chanon Lokenberg

The award goes to a young man who has demonstrated a determined attitude to achieve throughout the year. He has shown massive improvements both physically and in the overall quality of performances. He performed extremely well in Athletics, Swimming galas and in the Golden Mile. His biggest achievements have come in the Football Academy where he continues to impress

Our winner for 2015 is

Chanon Lokenberg

I have three outstanding nominees for the Under 15 Girls’ Sportswoman award:

Shania Larsson

Syakirah Frost

Victoria Witthinrich

Our winner tonight goes to a young lady who continues to shine in so many ways. She is a natural athlete and dominated this year’s sports day. But in the pool she continues to thrive and go from strength to strength. Her competitive spirit is unrivaled and she keeps on getting better and better. Needing no further introduction – please join me in congratulating….

Syakirah Frost

This year sees huge competition for the Under 15 Boys’ Sportsman category. The nominations for 2015 are:

Rohan Sriram

Sachin Samuel

Danny Pedroni

This is an exceptionally tough trio of nominees – all have shown incredible commitment, passion and drive within their chosen sports. 2015 has been another outstanding year of progress for the recipient – Winning Sports Day and the Golden Mile, he has also become a key part of the Cruzeiro Football Academy and is a role model to all. He represents the school in a way that is world class and tonight, as our male sports personality for Under 15 boys, we celebrate

Rohan Sriram

We have seen such talent and it continues at an Over 15 level. Our female nominations for Over 15 Girls’ Sportswoman are:

Anjalee Syangbo

Eloise Donovan

Jasmine Chongsanguan

A tough decision as all the girls in this group have made a phenomenal impact this year. All three share leadership qualities to be admired, performance levels in their sports which beyond expectation and a commitment to PE and sport which is greatly appreciated. However, the award goes to someone who has shown quality across the board in winning Sports Day, helping her basketball team to third place in the Senior Games and captaining her team to ‘runners up’ in the Senior Games. Our winner is the lovely

Jasmine Chongsanguan

Finally in this category we have the Over 15 Boys’ Sportsman. Such a field to choose from and athletes of the highest caliber, it was challenging to determine the final three nominees. They are:

George Green

Callum Pedroni

Harry O’Brien

A very difficult decision due to the outstanding field of boys, this award probably led to the most heated debate and was the most highly contested of them all! A final verdict was reached and justified by incredible performances on the track, his fantastic attitude at all times and his quality both locally and nationally. As a result of sheer will power, determination and never say die attitude, our winner this year is:

Callum Pedroni

I am here to award this year’s Team of the Year. Choices had to made from the many excellent team results and performances. As ever, this was difficult and is becoming increasingly so in an environment where success is breeding more success! The nominations are:

  1. BISP Boys Senior Football team – winners of the November football tournament and Senior Games
  2. Our Girls’ under 15 Football teams – winners of November Tournament and Penninsular tournament
  3. The HPT Swim Team who have now won 50 medals at National championships around the world

The Team of the Year for 2015 is too difficult to choose. To achieve all the medals is one thing but to go unbeaten all season is also a fabulous achievement. As such we share the award between

HPT Swim Team & U15 girls’ football team

Our award winner tonight has been training with us for almost 3 years and has been a model of persistence and focus in not only the flying trapeze but also the other activities offered in the after school program.

His hard work and dedication over the past year has seen him be invited to join our Adult trapeze program and also, more recently, to be allowed to swing out of safety lines.

In recognition of his commitment and the skill set he has persevered in developing we are very proud to award our Mid Air Circus Arts Student of the Year Award for 2015 to

Jeremy De Borde

The following names are, of course rightly, becoming familiar to all! Our nominations for Female Swim Academy Award winner are:

Eing Pawapotako

Raine Gavino

Felicity Passon

Our winner is SEA Games 2015 double silver medalist in the 200 and 400 IM, Female swimmer of the meet at Thai Nationals and she qualifies for Rio 2016 Olympic Games and the World Championships in Kazan. A finalist in the Asian Games in the women’s 200m breaststroke our 2015 award winner is

Eing Pawapotako

Now to the boys. Here my nominations for Male Swim Academy Award winner are:

Lushano Lamprecht

Jeremy Lim

FuKang Wong

The winner needs little introduction – a breakout year for this 16 year old with Olympic, World, World Junior and Commonwealth Youth qualifying times set in addition to breaking the mens’ 100m breaststroke record in Malaysia – a record that stood since 2000. Most recently is a Gold Medal at the South East Asian Games in Singapore making him the fastest man in the water over 100 meters breaststroke in the region.

FuKang Wong

The RTP Tennis Academy began in earnest in January 2015 and we can celebrate tonight those who have helped form the emerging team of players. Not only do these young people commit to their own training and development, they inspire others and are leading the way on the courts.

Our three nominations for Female Tennis Academy Award are:

Cosima de la Rocher de la Baume

Eloise Donovan

Eloise de Perthius

Our recipient shows enormous commitment and puts in an outstanding effort every session. She is aggressive and has embraced and adopted the RTP way of playing. Her results will come and in the meantime her potential is clear to see. 2015 Tennis Academy winner is:

Eloise De Perthius

Three boys we celebrate tonight for the Male Tennis Academy Award are:

Hugo Matsui

Anatoly Kulkov

Kevin Hansen

This young man has shown enormous improvement over the year and improved his fitness to allow him to demonstrate his potential on court. He has good technique and is working hard, fully supporting the younger students with his coaching and time.

We are delighted to award the accolade to:

Anatoly Kulkov

The BISP Golf Academy is in its infancy although much is promised here. We are now attracting and have within our school a wealth of young talent including Mark and Toy who continue to inspire all those coming into the game. This is very exciting for the future. Tonight we recognize two young men who are a part of the BISP Golf Academy and making excellent progress.

The first award goes to a player with the Lowest Scoring Average from our Friday playing sessions.

This player has shown a great attitude all year, he has been at every session and performed consistently week in week out. We hope he can push on to higher levels over the next year by joining our high performance elite group.


Leon Carpenter

The second award is for the Most Improved Player.

This player has developed his game from almost beginner level to competing with senior higher level players on the golf course over the last 6 months.

His work ethic has been very good and his attitude to the game and towards other players has also progressed to higher levels. He has a great understanding of the game and we hope to see his excellent progress continue. Our Golf Academy Award winner is

Yoon Hoon

In the Cruzeiro Football Academy we see huge talent and potential from both genders. Ladies first! From the girls I have three nominations for Female Football Academy Award:

Sofiya Radchenko

Jennifer Fredin

Siska Greene

With a superb attitude and a never say die approach, she steps up for the big games and is a force to be reckoned with on the pitch. She has developed into a strong defender but also has an attacking mindset and skills to match. The winner is:

Jennifer Fredin

In the boys category for Male Football Academy Award I also have 3 nominations but from a huge pool. I continue to be impressed by the dedication, commitment and talent of so many. All are deserving recipients:

Kota Masuda

George Green

Sachin Samuel

The award goes to a football who is totally dedicated to training, to improving his own physique and abilities, he continually seeks feedback on how to improve and he always delivers on the pitch. He has a quiet and unassuming manner but has made the most of every opportunity afforded to him with a drive that is unrivalled. His physical fitness is inspiring. Our Academy winner 2015 is:

George Green

I am delighted to be asked to present the 2015 Sportsmanship Awards.

This award recognizes individuals who are a role model for their peers and who put forth an outstanding effort while showing a positive attitude, fair play and teamwork throughout the Physical Education programme and in all extra-curricular activities including school sporting competitions.

They demonstrate the standard for all others to follow

Winning for his infectious personality and quality both on and off the fields of play:

Danny Pedroni


For her wonderful manner and whilst one should never make comparisons she follows in her big sister and big brothers’ footsteps. Winner for 2015 is

Isabella Hoskings


Students in our school demonstrate many different elements of leadership. Here we recognize some of these this evening.

Firstly, for leading and inspiring our young people in tennis, the recipient gives up any free time from his own football commitments to coach and work with BIS youngsters:

George Yussuf


For always volunteering and umpiring in the tennis academy, the next award winner is always willing to help out with any event and is an asset to those she works with:

Eloise Donovan


A talented performer himself, our next recipient has been a star with our younger aged groups and is working to inspire them on the pitch. They, in turn, hope to make it to his standard in play and in manner. He is a real gentleman:

Jordan Ollenshaw


When injured many of our athletes go missing. Not this next young lady, as soon as she was unable to perform she volunteered her time to coach our younger girls in the football academy. Her time and patience is recognized in this final Leadership Award. Another star in the making:

Andrea Hoskings

The winner of the Contribution to Sport Award for 2015 has given so much to school sport and our whole community. He is a role model. He has invested into the younger students and is respected by his peers. He is calm and mature but also has absolute quality. He represents what our mission statement says – he is ‘world class’.

He is not trying to be cool but he manages this without effort. He shines in basketball and athletics but he can swim, play football and anything else he turns his hands or feet to. We are devastated by his impending departure but excited for him and his family.

Our winner is

Harry O Brien

The Outstanding Achievement Award for 2015 is awarded to someone who is leaving the school and who has dedicated many hours to sport during their time at BISP. They leave a legacy behind for being the face of sport for so many younger students in the school.

This is the most prestigious award of the night and so it is fitting as this recipient has made a massive impact to school life during her time at BISP. So we know it is a female. What else can we share?

Our winner is known by everyone and is going to be greatly missed by the whole school community. She is a student who loves football more than me which is no easy feat! Working with her since becoming Head teacher at this school has been a real pleasure.

She has also contributed to many whole school events outside of sport and played a massive role across the whole school as an integral part of the Student Leadership team. With a smile and an energy that infects us all our Outstanding Achievement Award for 2015 goes to Deputy Head Girl –

Nina Grassman