Here is the recipe for a great night in Rawai House, British International School, Phuket:


1.  2 Willing (well that is a matter of opinion) boarding staff members.

2.  24 Wet and Wild Rawai students.

3.  Strongest sprinkler you can get your hands on.

4.  Powder paint.

5.  Balloons, buckets and other paraphernalia.


1.  Buy balloons, borrow buckets and purchase other paraphernalia in advance.

2.  Prepare balloons and buckets.

3.  Get (willing) House Parent to turn on that sprinkler.

4.  Get ready to zap anyone who is slower than you with water bombs.

5.  Spend 45 minutes under the strongest sprinkler in school and see how fast you can wreck Coach Jonathas’ footie pitch.

6.  Finally, beat Coach Howard into submission with paint and water and see how good he looks in Pink!

7.  Return to Boarding House, throw dirty kit in a corner of your room (until tomorrow when (willing) House Parent will be back to check), flop in your PJs to watch a movie with Pizza and Sprite!

For more information about boarding at BISP, contact Clare Donovan: [email protected]