On the 6th of February our senior football academy team headed out to Pattaya to compete in the Senior Games. Our trip was full of joy, laughter and amazing moments that I will never forget.

The trip to Pattaya didn’t get off to the greatest start with our flight getting cancelled, but we managed to make do by catching a flight to Bangkok. From there we took a bus ride all the way to Pattaya.

The day might have seemed long but we were very well taken care of by our teachers and was constantly being entertained by our friends. Singing kareoke and playing pranks on Mr Stockings definitely helped make the day a good one.

Day One of the Senior Games was full of support for our fellow friends. As us footballers didn’t have to play till the next day, we knew that if we had to give our support to the girls football team and boys basketball team because we would get the same support when we would play.

The boys basketball team did us football boys proud. Even though they didn’t win it, the effort they gave on that court was outstanding.

The girls football team were amazing they played with heart and gave it there all. They lost on penalties but from what I saw they were the best team there.

After a hectic day one of the senior games, us footballers had a meeting with Coach Jonathas on about how we would set up against the other teams for the tournament.

Day Two had arrived and it was our time for us to do what we came here to do.

We convincingly won 9-0 in the first game, and went on to win all our games playing an outstanding two touch football that came to impress everyone watching, including the other teams coaches and players, and make it to the final.

The final was amazing. Effort, heart and sweat was put into that match that started out as a really tense game but because of our 100 percent commitment became a very one sided game, and we came out champions because of that.

Being a champion is not about just winning, its about how you win and I believe every single one of us showed passion and effort in winning this tournament and that is what counts, we knew what we were there for and no one would take that trophy home that wasn’t us.

I think what made us different from the other school teams is the family environment that we have in our side; we know that we don’t have to be better than each other, and we can only win if we come together as a unit .

But there also comes a time when we meet new people and on this trip it brought me that experience.

This trip will long live in my memory and I would like to thank everyone who was on this trip for making it special. So thank you so much, it means a lot.

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