BISP Wins High Point Team Trophy at 6th Annual Flying Fish Invitational Swim Meet

Last weekend saw the BISP school community host the 6th Annual Flying Fish Swim Meet. We were very fortunate with the weather with both days bringing lots of sunshine and very warm temperatures. Thank you to the vendors and PTA who kept participants, spectators and volunteers refreshed with plenty of cold drinks and snacks.DSC_0853

This year 14 teams and over 350 swimmers participated in the three day event. VIS Mekong Dolphins (from Lao) entered a team for the first time and provided lots of positive motivation by the poolside. Plenty of fast racing was also to be seen and individuals and teams broke and set 60 new records for the meet.  We added a Friday evening distance event that saw a very close race between Hendrik Faber and Jethro Chua in the 1500m, keeping the crowd and the coaches entertained for a sprint finish on the last 100m.

Special mention goes to some of our most improved swimmers at the meet, Hayden Chakrabandhu (32.54 50m Freestyle), Chiara Egger (50m Breaststroke), Cameron Grecia (100m Freestyle), Tom Clowes (100m Free) and Arina Evtushenko (100m Freestyle) among many many others.  BISP Top 3 High Point Trophywinners in each age group were

  • 15 & Over
    • Boys 1st Jethro Chua 2nd Eric Tan,
    • Girls 2nd Evelyn Lukas 3rd Roxanne Yu
  • 13-14 Years
    • Boys 1st Hendrik Faber
    • Girls 1st Syakirah Frost, 3rd Coleen Limsui
  • 11-12 Years
    • Boys 2nd Vova Vladimirov
    • Girls 2nd Nastya Serdiukova
  • 9-10 Years
    • Girls 2nd Natalya Dougall
  • 7-8 Years
    • Boys 3rd place tie Rainer Oeijord, Keamen Jones
  • 6 & Under
    • Boys 1st Non Fongrisin, 2nd Jack Marinko, 3rd Sebastian Lamantia
    • Girls 1st Tegan Sweeney, 3rd Navi Prange


Many thanks to teachers, parents and the school community who volunteered their time to make the meet successful.  Congratulations to everyone in the BISP Flying Fish for assisting the team in winning the High Point Team Trophy.

The final team scores at the 2014 BISP Flying Fish Swim Club Invitational Swim Meet were:
1. BISP Phuket Flying Fish, Thailand (4256)
2. ISB Dragons, China (2884)
3. KLASS Torpedoes, Malaysia (1777)
4. Vientiane Mekong Dolphins, Lao (1118)
5. ISB Panthers Swim Team, Thailand (932)
6. Western Academy of Beijing, China (344)
7. RBSC ORCAS Swim Team, Thailand (234)
8. Shanghai American School, China (186)
9. Fighting Fish Swim Team, Singapore (163)
10. Patana Tigersharks, Thailand (148)
11. Aquapanthers, Thailand (Headstart) (146)
12. Unattached (106)
13. International School Parkcity, Malaysia (26)
14. Thanyapura Silverfinz, Thailand (PIADS) (24)
15. ISKL Piranhas Swim Club, Malaysia (14)


Some of the High Performance Team are currently participating in the Malaysian Open Championships attempting to qualify for the Youth Olympic Games. Look out for a meet report from the HPT soon. Our next Flying Fish meet is in Singapore on the 17th May with 11 travel team members swimming.

Go Fish!

Helen Sweeney
Aquatic Director

Head Coach Flying Fish