BISP has been invited to participate in the Phuket Cross Country Championships at PIA next week. We can take as many runners as are interested and fitting into the follow age groups U9/U11/U13/U15/U19. We need a minimum of 5 boys and 5 girls per age group to score.

As this is a free event there will be no individual trophies rather a school banner given out to the school who had the lowest combined score across the age groups.

BISP buses will take the runners to the meet leaving school at 2:30pm and will return at 6:30pm. Parents may make arrangements to pick up AND SIGN OUT THEIR RUNNER from PIA at the completion of their race. Please read the information below pertaining to the race.

Please return this form below or email confirmation of attendance to David Berman ([email protected]) by FRIDAY 20th NOVEMBER including if you would like your runner to be returned to school at the conclusion of the meet or if you will pick them up.


Click here to download the letter and form, or view it below:

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Cross Country Information

The races will be held on Thursday the 26th of November 2015 between 4pm and 6pm. The first race starts promptly at 4pm.


Please wear either the BISP track club singlet (vest) or the PE kit.

Races and Rules

Teams will score 5 runners per race with the scores calculated up by 1 point for first and 2 for second and so on. Lowest score wins.

Race distances are as follows (approx):

U9 1,100m

U11 1,800m

U13 3,500m

U15 3,500m

U19 5,000m


Parents and friends of competitors are encouraged to spectate and support BISP.


For more information, please contact David Berman: [email protected]