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The Santa’s Grotto (Nursery to Year 6) has become one of BISP’s most noteworthy annual events. It is a time of festivities that is eagerly awaited, and has truly become a treasured day on the school calendar.

“The tradition and anticipation for this day is remarkable and our children have talked about it for weeks,” one parent commented.

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The hallmark of the Grotto, Santa has been visiting BISP for many years. He has been steadfast in bringing smiles to all with the tireless, dedicated support from committed parents. This year brought almost 1,000 visitors: including family members within our BISP community, our BISP children, as well as children from The Good Shephard School. The 2018 Christmas Grotto was a truly magical experience for all these people that won’t be forgotten!

On behalf of the Parent Santa’s Grotto team, Merry Cheers & Happy Holidays to all!

– Pearl Lim Buesching