The Secondary Art department is doing a project soon that requires lots of recycled materials.

If you have any of the following materials at home that you can donate to the Art department we would be really grateful. Drop them into the Art room any time between now and Tuesday 26th May.

Beads, old jewellery, buttons, unwanted loom bands, wire, wool, feathers, screws and nails, nuts and bolts, old rope, old pens and pen lids, unwanted crayons and pencils, bottle tops ( plastic and metal), marbles, small shells, patterned fabric, lace, nets, shredded paper, old paint brushes, small toy dolls and figures, small broken toy cars, lego, small plastic toys, old cutlery, broken tiles, old mobile phones, old key boards, shredded paper, plastic baskets, bubble wrap and plugs.

Thank you in advance for any donations.

For more information, contact Claire Lester: [email protected]