On Wednesday 6th February students took part in the secondary sports day colour team competition.  Students competed in throwing, running and jumping events to gain points for their respective colour teams. This year there were some outstanding individual performances with a large number of school records broken. In the team competition, the Green team proved too strong in first place, while Blue took second place and finished well with a win in the staff relay. Thank you to all the students who participated and supported this event and to all the teachers, who helped make the day a success.

Best Overall Individual Performances (Victor Ludorum & Victrix Ludorum)

Under 13Mysha Mallia
Syakirah Frost
Rohan Sriram
Liam Doherty
Under 15Claudia MartinMatthew McGoldrick
Harry O’Brien
Raymond Windsor
Over 15Eddy TokleyShannon Smith
Jeroen Riessbacher

Colour Team Final Standings

1st       Green

2nd      Blue

3rd       Red

4th       Yellow