photo of secondary students singing at bisp wai kru ceremony 2018Photo of students giving flowers to teachers at bisp secondary school wai kru ceremony 2018photo of bisp students performing a skit during wai kru ceremony 2018

Wai Kru is a traditional ceremony in which Thai students pay respect to their teachers and thank them for providing the knowledge and skills necessary for a bright future. It usually takes place in the new BISP academic year and expresses the deep respect and gratitude students have for their teachers.

This year, British International School, Phuket celebrated the ceremony on Thursday September 13th. Our Secondary School students continue to make this ceremony special through a variety of wonderful stage performances, including the beautiful classical Thai dance ‘Chern Pra Kwan’ at the opening. In addition, students enjoyed a ‘teacher appreciation’ video presentation, a Wai Kru speech and presentation of certificates to the winners of the Wai Kru Quizlet competition.

Click here for the Secondary School Wai Kru photo album.bisp staff sir on stage during the wai kru ceremony

At the end of the ceremony, the students brought flowers to their teachers as a symbol of respect and readiness to learn. Wai Kru Day is a big school ceremony, during which teachers also wish the students good luck in the school year and in their future lives. A big thank you to everyone for making Wai Kru such a wonderful ceremony this year.

Remember that saying thank you is important but it is not only what you say that matters, but also what you do.