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Day 3 of the Singapore Art Trip started with a visit to the Art Science Museum at Marina Bay Sands where we had the opportunity to view three exhibitions.

The first exhibition, Hermes: Leather Forever, documented the history of the fashion label Hermes. Then we went downstairs to view Collider which was the world’s greatest experiment, an exhibition about the large Hadron Collider and then the Nobel Prize: Ideas Changing the World, an exhibition about Alfred Nobel, the Nobel Prize and how it has shaped and continues to change our world. 

Ex-BISP teachers Ruth Taaffe and Jeff Fuller then joined us for lunch at Marina Bay Sands which was a pleasant surprise and many a happy reunion.

A short walk over the bridge led us to the Formula One Pit Building and the Affordable Art Fair which housed 80 galleries with work by 600 artists from around the world.

The students were treated to a wide array of different techniques and all students were inspired by something they saw throughout the day.

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