bisp golf feature 2019 1 300x200 From 2:45pm everyday of the school week, you will find British International School, Phuket (BISP) golfers of all ages developing their chips, putts and swings at our on-site golf centre, opened by Sir Nick Faldo in 2016.

The golf programme currently caters to more than 50 students, from Year 1 through to Year 13. Our golfers include young beginners learning fundamentals and playing fun games, as well as intermediate level players, national representatives and a golfer playing at professional events.

Our centre includes a short game area, a putting green, a pitching area, bunkers for shorter shots, and a netted area for swing and long game. We know in golf you have to allocate time and train in all areas and we reflect that in the way we train our athletes. Without a full golf course on site, sessions and games also take place at the Laguna Phuket and Loch Palm golf clubs. Both clubs offer our athletes great support, discounted rates and membership packages.

We have 10 athletes in our our High Performance programme playing at three different levels. Sessions are tailored to meet their individual needs. The earlier we can teach basic techniques the better, but it’s never too late to pick up a golf club and see where it may take you. Like anything, however, to move forward you must put in the time. Each week, our top Secondary athletes train for 20 hours and complete between 18 and 27 holes.

Technology is an integral part of our golf instruction at the High Performance level. In the net, we use Launch Monitor to track balls in flight, the spin of the ball, the path of the club head and launch angles. It also shows us exactly where the ball would have gone and how it’s flying. Additionally, it provides swing and ball speed information.

bisp golf feature 2019 3 300x200We also use the K-Vest smart vest to assess the biomechanics of a player. For example, if video gives us a 2D image swing, the K-Vest gives us a 3D body motion picture that tells us if the body is moving in the correct way. It also gives us data on fitness and rotations, so we can pinpoint certain areas our athletes need to work on. It’s great technology that we tend to incorporate at the secondary level.

The psychological side of golf is absolutely key, so developing the mental side of the game is something we ingrain into our training on a daily basis. Since developing this area of the programme two years ago, we have seen a massive difference in performances at events.

One thing that we are really proud of is not just our results at the high levels, but the number of students we have brought into the game who are now playing rounds or competing in tournaments. Research has found that students will play the sport and continue to play if they enjoy it – without any pressure – so we do our best to make that happen.

For more information on the BISP Golf Academy and the programme, please email Head Coach Oliver Bates.