Tennis rpt sponge ball

Tennis coaching at the BISP Tennis Academy has grown over the years with the intent of putting in extra effort into the development of players at a young age.

The New Generation Programme involves 6-8 year-olds who first start out with sponge balls that are lighter and easier to play with and also help in learning the sport using correct techniques. During their sessions, these young players work on a lot of basic strokes, movement pattern drills and learn-to-play points with some fun games involved – helping them improve and get ready for the next level.

“The size of courts, speed of the balls and tactics used are all different based on the levels of the players and help them hone their skills better. The current class has been playing for about 1 full year – their skills have improved considerably,” says BISP Tennis Head Coach Lee Austrin.

“These players were hand-picked from the RPT Tennis School and are working hard. Right now, we are working with several students – they are all doing a fantastic job. With every session, they’re getting better with their hand-eye coordination, grips, basic game skills, movements, rallies and playing point situations,” adds Rachna Sharma, Assistant Head Coach at the academy.