The vision of the BISP Strength & Conditioning Programme is to produce highly skilled athletes who are physically able to cope with the demands of intense competition.This is achieved through structured programs, which improve athletic performance and reduce the occurrence of athletic injuries. Each of the four academies has different sport specific requirements and this is reflected in personal fitness programmes for all athletes.

The BISP Strength & Conditioning programme challenges our athletes to be self reliant, take personal responsibility for their training and act as role models at all times. In order to become an elite level athlete, we promote not just the physical aspects needed to succeed but also the mental strength needed to have the psychological edge.

Building athletes who have and will continue to participate on the world stage requires a detailed understanding of nutrition.The main focus here will be on proper eating and drinking habits prior to, during and after exercise. Athletes will be consulted both on an individual and a team basis where they will learn how to get the best from their diet.

They will be expected to take personal responsibility for ensuring they receive the correct amounts of protein, fats and carbohydrates throughout the day. Staying hydrated in this climate is also crucial in maintaining energy levels.

Proper health and legal supplementation guidelines will be given as well in order to educate the athletes and coaches as to what should and should not be consumed. We are always researching, developing and implementing new strategies to give us the cutting-edge in order to achieve peak performance.

Athletics Director Jeff LaMantia: