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Report by Jun Seo (Eddy), Year 9B

Loy Krathong is a marvelous festival celebrated in Thailand, and our school was fortunate enough to enjoy this ceremony.

At first when we entered the school, it was crowded with students and teachers wearing beautiful and fascinating Thai traditional clothing. The dresses for the boys were simple and plain but the girls’ costumes were really decorative and colourful with ear piercings, crowns, etc. Some of these were really magnificent which inspired me to wear this type of clothing for next year. Maybe if I wore one, I would feel more like a Thai citizen who is adapted to the culture.

When the Loy Krathong assembly began, students and staffs were dancing, telling speeches and playing music. This made me giggle and chuckle continuously! I could see how much effort and determination they put into their performances. Everything was well planned and I think this year’s Loy Krathong was outstanding.

Lastly, making the Krathongs was both fun and relaxing. We had one hour to create our own Krathongs using banana leaves and a trunk, incense sticks, candles and gorgeous flowers. When we were constructing and inventingastonishing designs, we were also able to chat each other making this an enjoyable afternoon.

Everyone’s Krathongs looked unique and phenomenal and I hope that we could do another celebration next year because it was such a great experience!

Student voices:

The Loy Krathong assembly was very educational and beneficial to learn about Loy kratong. I liked Maria and Melanie’s presentation as it really helped me understand what Loy Krathong is and the history. My favourite part of the assembly was when Aom and Belle from year 10 did their lip syncing performance, it was really funny and created a great atmosphere in the audience. – Emily, Year 10B

The assembly was a spectacular event! Experiencing traditional Thai costumes from different eras was wonderful. Seeing stunning Thai dances was also a major highlight and the brilliant duo performances from students was incredible. The whole school atmosphere had great vibes throughout the whole day! Overall students really had a great day and had loads of fun. – Megan, Year 8C

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