A year ago, Nathan Lowry (now in Year 5) and Hayley Ueckermann (now in Year 3) launched Rings for Limbs; their own student-led initiative to collect ring pulls which could be used to make prosthetic limbs for adults, children and even elephants!

A year on, and we made it to Vachira Hospital to donate the ring pulls. Thanks to our trusted translator, Anthony Simpson in Year 5, we located the drop-off point and were greeted with huge thanks. Not surprisingly really, as we weighed in a huge 22kg!

The stars of the show signed their names in the donation book and posed for pictures with the staff.


We would like to thank all of the BISP community for getting behind this initiative. We’ve had ring pulls collected from all over the world and brought to school!

The Primary office will continue to be a drop-off point for ring pulls collected by the community. Mrs Melissa Ueckermann has kindly volunteered to be the delivery person to Vachira Hospital in the future.

For more information, contact Helen Munoz: [email protected]