BISP STEM students have reached new heights

– creating and piloting their own aeroplanes, which then took their first flights.

The students all thought it would be plane sailing,

though unsurprisingly some ended up failing.

stem academy flying planes 2018 3

They made their planes primarily from foam,

though some students wanted to use aluminium and had a moan.

stem academy flying planes 2018

The teachers continued to drone on and on,

as some STEM students just got it all wrong.

However bad they flew during May,

STEM students were not (air)borne yesterday.

stem academy flying planes 2018 4

The students worked on and proved they had the necessary grit

– STEM Flight School became a big hit!

They redeemed themselves, flying exceptionally well in June,

and during one calm sunny afternoon, these determined, talented teens

went on to create and pilot such fantastic flying machines.

stem academy flying planes 2018 2
Flight school will continue next academic year. Please contact Jonathan Clark or Malcolm Perry for more information at [email protected] or [email protected]