The official scores for the 2017 Vocab Express League of Champions have arrived and BISP has done incredibly well, both as a school and also with some fantastic individual performances.

BISP finished 3rd in the world for Mandarin and 7th in the world for Spanish.

A special mention should go to Jun Seo Park (Eddy) who finished 3rd in the world for Mandarin in the individual competition.

A big “Well Done!” to everybody who competed and gained points for the school.

The top 25 “Geniuses” will each receive a certificate at the next available assembly.

The Education Perfect online Language Competition starts on Tuesday 7th November and lasts until 14th November.

Look out for more details in next week’s notices and please also ask your language teacher for more information. This competition will also include Thai and English as additional languages for non-native speakers.

– Mr Chris Greene, Head of Modern Foreign Languages