The High-Performance Triathlon programme at BISP is dedicated to creating strong, smart athletes equally capable in disciplines of swimming, cycling and running.

Triathlon is a complex sport requiring balance, endurance and strength across all three modalities, and we strive to set up our athletes for successful performance for years to come; whether it be through college scholarships, professional careers, or other athletic dreams. 

Building on Head Coach Marco Castro (Zane) years of coaching experience, this programme is designed with every detail in mind.

Fitness, strength, mobility, nutrition, and skill are all paramount to the training and education of our triathletes. A keen understanding of adolescent development in the realm of endurance sports is key to the success of this programme.

All of our triathletes are trained not only to be their healthiest selves; but their mindset and understanding of the training principles are part of the education intertwined in this programme. Our goal is to create well-rounded athletes prepared to compete confidently on the global stage of the growing sport of triathlon.

Marco Castro (Zane)

Coach Zane was born and educated in Texas, USA and most recently makes
his transition to BISP from Marymount University, Arlington VA.  Coach
Castro was hired and founded the initial varsity triathlon programme
established within the NCAA. He led his team to a National
Championship Runner up spot in the 3rd season and earned multiple
Regional podium spots, qualification for FISU World University Games
and a top 10 finish, in 2016. Coach Zane has coached junior, national
level athletes and elites into the international level competitions
successfully. He brings a wealth of understanding of youth, junior,
and collegiate level development experience and processes along with
extensive movement based injury resistance knowledge, which is
critical to the environment among youth, junior, and senior level
developmental athletes.

He laid the foundation for a comprehensive varsity collegiate
triathlon programme and also worked towards official triathlon’s
approval as an NCAA Emerging Sport for Women. BISP has set a goal by
bringing Zane in to do the same here.

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