Phuket 3s Basketball Launches at BISP May 13 – 14

3 on 3 Basketball – a game that has existed for years on playgrounds, streets and backyards around the world – has enjoyed a recent upsurge in popularity and is being considered for the 2020 Olympics. After school and at lunch times here at BISP, you’ll find groups of students of all ages and levels enjoying the game on our outdoor basketball courts.

From May 13-14, BISP will host the inaugural Phuket 3s international school basketball tournament featuring seven international schools from Thailand and Malaysia. Teams made up of 4 students will participate at U13 and U15 level. “3 on 3 is a great opportunity for younger players to develop their basketball skills and game play quicker,” says Mr Blake. “It’s exciting to watch and brings a special flare and flavour to the game of basketball.”

Catch games this Saturday from 9am-4pm and Sunday 8.30am-2pm in the BISP sports hall.

IMG 3146

Year 7 team mates and good friends (from left) William, Andrey, Arun and Marc are looking forward to their first international school basketball tournament.