BISP Drama workshop 2018The BISP Drama Department welcomed a London, UK-based theatre company to perform and conduct a workshop aimed at our Year 9 students wishing to study IGCSE Drama next year and the current Year 10 cohort on April 24th.

The theatre company, named Splendid Productions, is well known for their imaginative performances and creative workshops.

The day consisted of a performance based on the play Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. Students from BISP, along with their peers visiting from UWC and Headstart, were then immersed into a physical workshop which included devising and creating in groups.Splendid productions theatre company visits BISP

“Our students were able to learn new skills in creating, performing and watching a live performance which is crucial when studying Drama. It really was a fantastic experience for both students and staff and we have already discussed working with the company in the near future,” said BISP Drama Teacher Emily Norman.