We have several music events taking place at the school in the coming days. First, we have the BISP Unplugged Concert #1 taking place on February 26th at 6pm, after which the FOBISIA Wind Band Festival and Siam Saxophone Quartet performances will take place during March 1st – 3rd (Click for details).

Lastly, the second BISP Unplugged Concert will take place on March 13th at 6pm. Please come & support our talented musicians, who give up so much of their spare time to help develop music at BISP and their own musicianship!

Contact our Head of Performing Arts Ms. Wilkinson for more details.

BISP Siam Saxophone Poster 2019 212x300 BISP Unplugged concert 1 2019 212x300 BISP Unplugged concert 2 2019 212x300 FOBISIA Wind band poster 2019 1 212x300