Dr Bruno Gardini talking to BISP students

BISP students in Year 10 and 12 had the opportunity to listen to a presentation from a real-life rocket scientist today, Dr Bruno Gardini formerly of the European Space Agency. Dr Giardini has spent almost 40 years of his working life involved in space exploration research and engineering projects.  As project manager on the famous Rosetta project he was involved in one of the most complex and ambitious scientific experiments in the history of space exploration. This involved landing a probe on a moving comet (67P) over 500 million kilometers from Earth, after a 10 year journey Dr Bruno Gardini talking to BISP studentsinvolving 4 planetary gravity assisted manoeuvres!
Students learnt about some of the engineering challenges of this project as well as the groundbreaking research carried out looking into the origins of life on Earth.  Did life begin on Earth seeded from a comet like 67P billions of years ago?
We are very privileged that Dr Gardini was able to visit us today and share his experience and knowledge with us.