Dear Parents and Students,

It gives me the greatest of pleasure to welcome you all back for the beginning of the new academic year, and an especially warm welcome to all those families joining us for the first time.

I am pleased to report that all new staff members have arrived safely and have settled well into the school and our community.  They will strengthen an already exceptionally strong team of teachers. I would also like to mention, in particular, that the school has employed its own full-time Speech and Language Therapist, which is a totally new position.

As always, the long holiday brings significant change, and while some of the building and refurbishment projects have been completed, some others are hostage to the delivery schedules of suppliers.

The Year 5 and 6 pod has been renovated as the first phase of refurbishment of all Primary pods; the Primary playground has had some changes including a hard court area for ball games/basketball; the student changing rooms have been totally refurbished; a new IB common room has been created where the Secondary Library used to be, and the Secondary Library has been relocated to the second floor where it is currently awaiting the delivery of fittings and new furniture.

Other refurbishment will take place during the early part of the new academic year and includes a refurbishment of the IT labs, and the construction of a golf short game facility.

The external examination results remain extremely positive: 96% of the students passed the IB Diploma with an average Diploma score of 33 points; 16% of the students achieved an impressive 40 points or more. The IGCSE results for A* to C grades has now risen to 84%.

Overall the school results at examination level show a slight increase over last year, which is very pleasing, particularly with student cohorts increasing dramatically in number. This year the total IB group of Year 12 and 13 is expected to reach 140 students.

Our young athletes have done exceptionally well in major competitions around the world, and full information will be provided by the Athletics Director in due course, including an update on Academy developments and coaches.

University interest in the school is growing considerably as is our reputation and profile, for which our college guidance team is to be congratulated, and I hope that parents will take full advantage of meeting with university admissions representatives at the College Fairs held this year at BISP.

I remain very pleased with the progress being made across the school, and I approach my new three-year contract with great optimism, and I hope an equal amount of energy. My particular focus over the year ahead will be on the further development of the Arts, but I am also looking forward to the consolidation of the new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Academy as well as the Film and Digital Media Academy.

The recent tragic attack in Bangkok has certainly underlined the need for great vigilance in our community, and it is very important that parents make their identification very easy for the Security Guards as they enter the school. Your cooperation with this is greatly appreciated.

Finally, current figures indicate that the school enrolment will match that of last year, although it is always difficult to predict accurately until the term gets underway. I am greatly looking forward to the many challenges and opportunities that lie ahead as we continue to build upon our success.

The section Principles, Mr. Meredith and Mr. Ferrier, will be contacting you by separate letter with regard to procedures for the start of the school year.

With my very best wishes to all our families,


Neil Richards MBE


For more information, email [email protected]