Welcome to the first Library Newsletter – we are here to let you know what’s new in the library and give you some ideas.

The books detailed in this PDF (see link) are only a selection, so come and check what we have new on the shelves: New Titles in the Secondary Library Sept 2014

First of all, a few changes in the library:

– The fiction section is slowly going to be re-labeled KS3+ (suitable for students in Key Stage 3 and above), and the young adult  section will be re-labeled KS4+ (for students in Key Stage 4 and above). Hopefully this should make it clearer for you all.

– Students in Y9 wanting to borrow from the KS4+ section: we will have a permission slip available in the library, which must be signed by your parents and returned to us before you can borrow from the KS4+ section.

For more information, contact Cindy Colson: [email protected]