kindness day

Next Monday November 13th is World Kindness day and the whole school will be taking part and spreading kindness. During the week leading up to it each student will write a kind note that will then be randomly distributed to another student in school on World Kindness Day. Students will be able to write down kind acts that they have witnessed or received on the boards set up in primary and secondary. A few IB students will also head down to early years for some reading support and to play games. To encourage acts of kindness, ‘Kindness Cards’ will be circulated throughout the school. If you demonstrate a kind act then you will receive a card. This card should then be passed on once you do a kind act toward someone else. This whole school initiative works alongside the primary focus of respect and was created by the Charity team as part of the new secondary Wellbeing Events group.Events copy 2

– Mr David Berman, Extended Curriculum Coordinator