Students sketchnote World Sketchnote Day 2017 - 2

Our BISP community joined forces on Wednesday to celebrate the second annual World Sketchnote Day by creating a giant sketchnote with contributors of all ages. Sketchnoting is a recognised method of recording and exploring events, concepts and ideas; it is both creative and educationally valued as words and images combine, making it a great revision tool also!
Our sketchnote asks ‘Who Am I at BISP?’ and the final outcome demonstrates the diversity and creativity of our community. A fascinating insight into what many staff and students value or feel is important about them.
We were delighted with the outcome and would like to thank all those who contributed. Examples of sketchnotes from all over the world were kindly sent to us from professional Graphic Recorders, University Professors, IT Directors and Teachers who all use sketchnotes in the workplace as well as in their own time. Some of the exemplars were in languages other than English which was great to see and demonstrates the universality of communication through sketchnotes. Many other events took place although we hope to be the first to have had this number of contributors to a single sketchnote! You can see how the sketchnote took shape in this fantastic video:
For more information on this event or sketchnotes generally, please contact Ruth Baker or Ginny Stockings.