Year 5 Fun Day Surprise

The children approached with caution, only knowing that today would be their End of Year Treat. After a dramatic build up, the surprise was revealed. The children would be competing as classes against each other in a series of sporting events. Who would be the overall winner? Who would provide classic comedy moments and miss that open goal? Which teacher would be the most competitive? Sporting attire issued (the children looking super smart in their Team T-Shirts) and photos taken, the competition was ready to start. 5RK and 5PR battled hard in the football, 5AH threatened to make a come back in the basketball and then all out madness took over in Dodgeball. There was no single winner, but a whole Year group of friends having an excellent morning. The children were exhausted but thankfully mustered enough energy to eat pizza and ice cream! Ithas been a great Year and a brilliant way to celebrate!

Rebecca Krijewski
Year 5 Primary