year 12 trip yaowawit school 2018 1From June 11th until June 18th, British International School, Phuket Year 12 students undertook a residential CAS service trip and project to Yaowawit School in Kapong, Phang Nga, with the aim of  building a workshop for the students there.

Yaowawit School Kapong is a community where the educators pledge to provide a first-class education to the underprivileged, which helps them become open-minded, confident, caring, and happy human beings. The school benefits its neighbourhood and makes a positive difference in everybody’s lives.

year 12 trip yaowawit school 2018 3 1 year 12 trip yaowawit school 2018 2 2

The 53 BISP students involved in the project worked hard during the 5-day trip. They worked together, cutting bamboo & mixing cement, spending their days working in the farm, building the workshop and running activities with students residing at the school. By the end of the 4th day, they had completed the project.

The final day saw BISP students lead a morning of English classes. Every student stepped up and was commended for their ability to get the job done. They also spent a day with a wellbeing coach, who gave them strategies to help deal with the stress of life in IB. Everyone took away a valuable experience and sense of accomplishment.